Privacy Policy

We, PetFoodStation, are committed to maintaining any and all information we collect from you in a safe, secure, responsible manner. We will outline below what we collect, how we intend to use it, and how you can contact us if you have any concerns.

What and How We Collect

1. During normal business practice we will collect your name, address, e-mail and phone number. We collect this information from our site solely for the goal of processing your order.

2. On our site you will see places where you can sign-up for our newsletter. When you sign-up for this newsletter you are agreeing to receive periodic emails from us with important information. At the bottom of each e-mail there is information explaining how you can be permanently removed from any future mailings.

3. During checkout, the e-mail collected is used strictly to contact you about your order.

Technologies Used On Our Site

1. Cookies are used for the sole purpose of making your shopping experience a better experience. We gather nothing that personally identifies you.

2. Tracking pixels are small images that recognize when you visit our site. They help to maintain counts of total visitors, important content shoppers, pages where shoppers exit our site, and other critical information that helps us make the shopping experience better for you.

3. Tracking pixels may also be used to later identify you as a shopper of our site in an effort to offer you a promotion via ads on sites such as news sites, social networking sites, sports sites, etc.


PetFoodStation uses industry standard encryption to insure all information used on our site is never able to be viewed by anyone else during transmission. Our site takes all your information and translates it to what looks like random letters and numbers before sending it to the credit card processing center. The credit card processor has the "key" to decrypt this information so they can process it and approve your order. It is important for you to know that no one, not our customer service reps nor anyone at PetFoodStation, can ever see your credit card information.

In addition to the encryption used, our site is developed to meet PA-DSS certifications. What this means to you is our cart has been thoroughly reviewed by industry experts to validate it is written using safe, secure best practices. We also must, and do, pass PCI validation which insures our servers and network are maintained in such a way to prevent hacks and interruptions to secure shopping.

For any questions about our privacy or security practices, please contact us.
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